Clairaudience Clear hearing:
Spiritual hearing psychically without limitation of matter, time and space. Considered a facet of clairvoyance.

ClairsentienceClear feeling:
Facility of spiritual feeling and sensory without limitation of matter, time and space.
Extrasensory data perceived as heightened feeling or inner awareness.

ClairvoyanceClear seeing:
Facility of the spiritual eye that can see psychically without limitation of matter, time and space. Extrasensory sight that provides an awareness of physical objects or events.

A technique in which a person brings through information or influence from one dimension to another, when in a particular state where consciousness flows from level to level. Practitioners often are called “trance mediums”.

A discarnate, or spirit being without a physical body, that can be seen or recognized by some, undetectable by others, that continues to live in dimensions other than physical incarnations with some overlap between planes - physical and nonphysical. It‘s presence may be positive or negative.

Entity, Attached:
Spirit (discarnate) from past lives or this life that attaches to the aura sphere or human body and needs to be released. Seeking sensations and feelings that cannot be found in the higher planes, it may not know anything about other dimensions or even that it is dead; it is responding to cravings or instincts of an addictive nature or to a limited state of consciousness. Psychography or other exorcism rites facilitate spirit releasement.

An altered state of consciousness wherein the individual, in a sleep-like condition, is quite responsive to suggestions made by the hypnotist.

Means “to act”; literally, “action, deed, or work.” The inevitable order of cause and effect that governs existence at all levels. Influences from current and past lives bring learning experiences and relationships into the present life. The spiritual law, “reaping what we sow”, refers to cause and subsequent effect. Karma may be positive or negative, but—whether reward or retribution – it is always just and trustworthy. As consciousness evolves, karma requires adjustment and/or compensation for all pluses and minuses: individual, group and planetary.

Kabalah (also Kabbala, Kabala, Cabala, Qabbalah, et. al.):
The philosophy of Judaism based on an esoteric interpretation of Hebrew scriptures and passed down as a secret doctrine to the initiated. Kabbalah’s principal ways are action, devotion, and contemplation which integrate body, heart and head. The word itself was derived from the Hebrew root, QBL, meaning “to receive,” and refers to the practice of relaying esoteric knowledge by word of mouth.

An individual who allows his/her personality VEHICLE to be receptive to temporary habitation by an intelligence, good or bad, without form. Often confused with psychic.

The process of cooperating with discarnates, delivering messages, or receiving extrasensory impressions, most often relaying them to others, usually in an unconscious state.

A person with an awareness of a multidimensional reality who, seeking to have a personal relationship with God, witnesses to expanded life, stepping down her/his insight or understanding as best it can be for the benefit of others. The mystic is considered a blend of the Orphic and the Occultist.

Mystery School:
An institution where practical teachings and techniques prepare individuals for inner development. No other structure can assure inner success, but such an environment is constructed and assistance rendered to facilitate progress in expansion of consciousness and an awareness of the hidden life beyond human consciousness.

A study of the unique map contained in every hand, a divine design showing influences at work and traits carried by the incarnated one.  An analysis may disclose many insights into one’s life, ascertaining intelligence, general disposition, and tendencies by the shape of the hands, fingers and nails. Past, current and future events are revealed by the lines and markings on the hand and fingers.

A tool used for divining. As a symbol, the shape of the swinging pendulum is a triangle, the two extreme ends coming to rest at center, held steady by a higher position (or view). (same as dowsing)

The foretelling of a possible occurrence or the reading of a projected outcome.
Prophecies are taken as warnings and adjustments to be made in life, A Gift Of The Spirit, prophecy can be the telling of forthcoming events or an admonition to  encourage
change. Some consider prophecies as unalterable predictions.

Psychic Development:
The enhancing of natural abilities of perception and extended sense awareness through practice and opening the mind to new understanding.

Psychic Reading:
Using intuitive senses, an attunement is made to an individual or situation for the purpose of receiving and gathering impressions from basic nature or the collective consciousness. The higher form involves the use of the intuitive awareness. Contacts may be initiated by numerous means, e.g., the sound of the voice, holding hands, or reading an aura.

Extrasensory perceptions:  sensitivity to nonphysical or unseen forces, allowing for heightened image and understanding. A capacity of the mind or soul to deliver impressions apart from an individual’s physical and psychological aspects; a natural ability that allows conscious awareness of the realities and activities of subtler planes. This may be positive or negative, according to purpose and intent or level of consciousness. Ethical use of psychism does not intrude upon or violate the freedom or will of others.

Psychic Surgery:
A phenomenon little understood but of great interest as to how a practitioner can use energy as a tool to penetrate the body’s skin and in some unknown way alter, correct, and/or remove physical difficulties.

A technique of holding an object and attuning to a previous owner or using the object as a point of focus for gathering information through the psychic senses, primarily that of touch.

A sensing or perception of a future event without logic to explain its rational outworking.

Five pointed star, translated generally relating to the five areas of life to be refined: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social, and the recognition of one’s nature as being five-fold in elements: earth, air, fire, water and ether.

Star of David:
Six pointed, or hexagram, is comprised of two triangle. In esoteric wisdom this “star of the Disciple” indicates an initiated one who has succeeded in aligning the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of personality to the down-pouring trinity of the soul – the monadic, atmic, and intuitional planes. Closely identified with the Jewish people since the 17th century, it is the well-known motif of Israel’s flag.

Sun Sign:
The constellation in which the sun is located at the time of an event or birth. Considered to be the principal point of a personal chart, the sun sign represents our inner developing self, the personality, or ego. The Moon Sign and the Ascendant are the other two most significant points of the personal trinity.  Sun signs, 12 in number, divide the year into periods exhibiting similar qualities and attributes. An Ephemeris is used to establish exactness of the position of planets at any given time. Astrology teaches that each person is evolving into his or her sun sign and so must consciously attempt to build the virtue of that sign.

A method of divination related to Kabalah, using 78 pictured  cards, believed by many to be based on the esoteric philosophy of ancient Egypt, astrology, and numerology.

Tealeaf Reading:
A form of divination based on shapes and designs created by the dregs of the leaves, stems, and twigs left after the liquid is drunk and drained.

Mind to mind communication, intentional or not, considered natural  for humanity at an advanced state of  building the subtle mind.