Celtic Cross  11 card  Spread $10.00 This is the Sacred Rose Deck pictured above.

Sacred Rose Deck

Russian Gypsy 25 Card Spread. There will be at least seven cards that match. The cards that match iswhat your reading is about. If you combine this reading with the Celtic Cross spread they  will confirm each other. (pictured above)

Remember, a card reading either confirms what you already know, gives another outlook, or just makes you slow down and think. Make your own decisions with the information given.

This is entertainment only and not to be used for making important decisions. The advice given is how the cards fall and not to be taken literally

Celtic Cross Spread -(three for $25)

Russian Gypsy and Sacred Rose deck = the decks confirm eombination Rach other and add more information. giving time lines.

Tarot readings are $10 for an 11 card Celtic Cross spead. The Russian Gypsy Card spread includes at least 7 useful tools of information and is $25. They are amazingly accurate. You can also get a combination reading using both decks for $30. When used together the decks confirm information given by the other.  Card readings will either confirm what you already know, give another outlook or simply make one slow down and think before rushing into a situation. They also can help you to see another side of a situation that you may not have thought of. Major decisions should never be based on card or any other readings alone because the energies are always changing, even as you are getting the reading. Sorry, no readings are done for anyone under 18.